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Happy Birthday Joe!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a Mega day buddy!

Joe-Mega responds:

Thanks Corey! Much love man!

I absolutely loved this TwinZ! The story you told while incorporating NG themes was awesome! The simple character development of BF was great too, someone who is shunned and bullied grows to be confident and willing to show how awesome he is. Good stuff man :)

Original track from heyopc and solid animation? Yes please! Well done Snackers! Transitions to all the opponents were fluid and awesome! Great submission!

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Thank you guys for letting me a part of this AWESOME game! It was truly an honor, and I had a lot of fun putting together the Tankmas audio skit! Merry Tankmas!

VoicesByCorey responds:

@midgetsausage I love you more!

Can't give it a ten

The first one is awesome, and second one is awesome too. However, too many glitches docks you down, i had to start a new game at least 5 times because Gretel keeps moving down and I can't stop her from going that way. For instance, after I saved her from the spirit she continuely walked down. I thought maybe my key was stuck but that wasn't the case, theres a glitch that made her continuely walk down and i couldnt move on to the next part of the game. Other than that the idea and game was good


ive had to reload this game at least 10 times already because it keeps freezing on the second mission, as soon as i kill the cop and the runner the two random people walking just walk in the same place and move nowhere, and it doesn't give me a mission completed either. I don't care how old the game is, bugs need to be fixed. Also, the music is annoying, having the guy say the same thing over and over gets really annoying. We get it, he's dangerous

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Really dig the percussion and guitar! Hard rock Pokemon battle! XD Great work as always TV!

Let me know if you need help with AWESOME voices :D

GrayAnimations responds:

Imma take that offer. keep a look out ; )

ALMONDS! YEAH! XD Not a bad little tune at all! The tune is very catchy and the lyrics are pretty funny! Good stuff man :)

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Love this!

CayFettArt responds:

Thx bb ;)

I KNEW Joe was in the Jimmy Neutron movie!

In comparison to the original photo, this is EXTREMELY well done Grambo! Love what you put together!

DoctorGrambo responds:

Thanks Corey!!

Man of many voices! Creator of the Newgrounds Voice Acting Collaboration and Host on the Newgrounds Podcast! Always willing to lend a voice in your animation, game or spoken word project! Thanks for stopping by!

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