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Delivery was great man! I remember seeing this on Twitter, I forgot to record for it! :( you nailed it though man, great stuff!

Dejengos responds:

Thanks home boy!!

Alright man! I love how it turned out! Great to work with you and the Cerberus boys! :D Hopefully we can work together again soon!

Your animation style has improved so much man! Glad to see you go through with Episode 1! Let me know if Barley and and Gaos need to be reprised ;)

WINprince responds:

Ohhhh you know it! of course I'll need you again so don't go anywhere you hear?

Yippie kayay! Cool seeing John in your animation reel Harpy! Keep growing and getting better man, you keep improving with each one! You have a bright future 😊

Chutney being savage with this movie! DON’T F**K WITH CHUTNEY!

This was so fun to be a part of! It came out so good with the amount of time we had to get it done. Great job animators!

DannyGoodShirt responds:

Thanks for doin' most of the voices lol. Great work as always!

Thank you for suggesting me @LuckyDee! Would love to help you out if you’re still looking for voices! @JoshDytonVO and @NickSenny are fantastic also!

Man, I love the animation! The combination of animation styles and use of colors helps sell the atmosphere! The story was fun to record and hearing it come to life with the help of the VAs made it even better! Keep up the good work man! Thank you again for letting me be a part of your animation, hopefully we work together again one day!

Those fucking pretzels man XD Thanks again for letting me jump aboard to voice the clerk!

SnakeElder responds:

No problem, mate! Your voices for this are fantastic so I thank you :)

Holy hell this so good, Ollie!!! The animation is so fluid and smooth and the voices sold it! Glad to see you use Nick! Keep up the solid work as always buddy!

BoyPorcelain responds:

Thanks pal, yeah nick did a great job, his screams are so expressive which is why i went with him and clearly its all paid off! :)

Aspiring voice actor looking to help out in animations and games. If you're interested in having me voice in your animation or game send me a message!

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