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Man of many voices! Creator of the Newgrounds Voice Acting Collaboration and Host on the Newgrounds Podcast! Always willing to lend a voice in your animation, game or spoken word project! Thanks for stopping by!

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Hello you beautiful Newgrounds family members!

July has been an amazing month for me here on Newgrounds and I have to thank all of you for that.

First and foremost, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALLOWONG ME TO REACH THE 1,000 FAN MILESTONE! When I started uploading content to Newgrounds back in 2014, I never thought anyone would even be interested in the voice acting content I put out there. When I started uploading frequently again in 2019, I thought the same thing. You guys sure as hell proved me wrong though. With over a hundred audio submissions, 58 animations, two games (with a third one on the way) and numerous episodes of the @TheNewgroundsPodcast under my belt, you guys have helped reach a goal I only dreamed about. I say it all the time, I could care less about numbers on other platforms. The numbers amassed on Newgrounds means everything because there's true support and love on here. Everyone truly wants you to succeed, grow and live out your dreams. You guys have seriously allowed me to live out mine and I'm forever grateful. I wouldn't be where I am without Newgrounds!!! You're the best community in this entire world, no lie. Here's to another 1,000 fans, growth and following dreams! I LOVE YOU NEWGROUNDS FAM!

Major shout outs to those who've supported me greatly and have encouraged me to be the best voice actor I can be: @nicksenny, @joshdytonvo, @xinxinix, @thatjohnnyguy, @plufmot, @will, @psychogoldfish, @zaazng, @fro, @stanpai, @dannygoodshirt, @cayfettart, @misterjames, @spadezer, @realmrsnuggles, @jacob and the rest of you who I'm struggling to remember! You always have positive things to say and encourage me to keep growing. A support system is needed in our respective fields, and I have a very strong one, THANK YOU FRIENDS!

Second, I've been very fortunate to voice in a bunch of animations recently and it's mainly because of @brandybuizel and his awesome Summer Jam. It's allowing animators to get creative and have fun all summer and give people a chance to collaborate! I voiced in three animations for Round 1 of the jam, and for Round 2, I believe I've been cast in about 5-6 entries which is AWESOME. A few of those animations are out and you should go watch them if you haven't!

House Cat Sez

Cartoon Network Collab

Salad Fingers the Macabre Boy Show

Breakfast with Blockhead!

Thank you to the AWESOME animators who gave me the chance to voice in their animations! It's been great doing my impressions of some of Newgrounds most iconic characters!

Finally, I have plenty more projects on the way and I can't wait for you to see/play them! I worked with @dungeonation on his remake of Pico vs Bear and it should be out soon! I got to voice Pico in it and I'm EXCITED for you to see how amazing of a game it is! @ProsciuttoMan brought me on for his Clock Day submission and I'm thrilled about voicing Strawberry Clock! It's a blast getting to work with an awesome dude! Me and the NGVAC crew are working hard on Part 2 of the collab and we have some fantastic skits lined up! We hope that we're able to entertain you just as much as we did with Part 1! Thank you guys again for your support for Part 1 of the collab!

NGVAC '21 Part 1

Newgrounds fam, you continuously encourage me to be the best voice actor I can be. You fuel my fire and push me to set my bar higher and higher. If I ever reach that goal of being in a studio animation/movie, best believe you'll be the first people I thank when they ask me. You guys are the absolute BEST! To the Godfather, @TomFulp, I can't thank you enough for this glorious website. You allow individuals to live out their dreams, and people like you deserve the greatest praise ever. Allowing people to grow and thrive deserves a lifetime of praise. Thank you good sir, thank you.

You guys haven't heard the last of my voice! I LOVE YOU NEWGROUNDS! NEWGROUNDS FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!


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