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Aspiring voice actor looking to help out in animations and games. If you're interested in having me voice in your animation or game send me a message!

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VoicesByCorey's News

Posted by VoicesByCorey - 10 days ago

Hey there Newgrounds!

I’m proud to announce that I finally have a demo reel! With help from Demo Reel Forge, we collected 7 voices that best represent my variety, range and acting ability. When we recorded for it, we recorded about 15-16 voices! I really hope you like what you hear, let me know what you think! Also, if you’re interested in working together, send me a message!



Posted by VoicesByCorey - 1 month ago

Hello Newgrounds!

Merry Christmas to all of you amazing folks! As 2020 draws to a close, I’m extremely thankful for the good things that came from it. That’s right, even in this shitty, chaotic year, a lot of positive things came from it!

First off, as my involvement in the community grew, the more AMAZING people I began to meet! I’m extremely thankful I’ve met these individuals this year: @NickSenny, @JoshDytonVO, @Jacob, @DannyGoodShirt, @Spadezer, @Xinxinix, @PsychoGoldfish, @Will, @JohnnyGuy, @RealMrSnuggles and many, many more to mention! My whole post could be about the awesome people I’ve met 😅 Through these people, I’ve made some great friendships and have come across some amazing opportunities.

First and foremost, those opportunities equaled to 71 audio submissions, 31 movies and one game on Newgrounds. Some of the big projects I’m most proud of was being a part of the very successful audio project GRNDSBreaking and orchestrating the Voice Acting Collab. I was also very fortunate to become a member of The Newgrounds Podcast (thank you guys!!!!). I lent my voice to animations that garnered a lot of success and collected some daily hardware. I was even lucky enough to play a small part in the winning submission for the Musk Jam! Needless to say, 2020 has been a busy, but AWESOME, year! These are some major highlights from the year, but EVERYTHING I’ve been a part of is highlight to me. Getting an opportunity to voice act and work with amazing individuals is always a blessing and a highlight in my book 😊

I love this community so damn much and I’m thankful Tom put this website together long, long ago. He’s helped numerous careers blossom and he continues to do that every day Newgrounds remains live!

To the Newgrounds community, MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW FUCKING YEAR! Here’s to better times ahead, lots of positivity and success all around! I love you guys and thank you for your love and support throughout the year! Enjoy the day!!!



Posted by VoicesByCorey - 1 month ago

Hello Newgrounds! I just wanted to provide an update for the ‘21 edition of the NGVAC!

The crew has come to a consensus and we’ll be releasing our ‘21 submission in two parts! Part one will release on May 30th, and Part 2 will release on Nov. 30th! That way, we’ll be providing you with new content throughout the new year!

We’ve picked up a lot of new voice actors and writers for the collab which is AMAZING! Thank you to those who’ve reached out and wanted to join! With that being said, I’ll be closing our open enrollment at the end of 2020. So, if you’re interested still, or know anyone who may benefit from the exposure of this collab, reach out to me ASAP! We do need more composers and sound designers to help with music and production of the skits!

Thank you again for your interest and support! We’re excited for the ‘21 iteration and we already have some great ideas for skits brewing! If you would like to join the crew, reach out to me as soon as you can! Here’s to another fun, and awesome, collab!



Posted by VoicesByCorey - December 12th, 2020

Hey guys!

I’m reaching out to you guys today in order to find some help for our fellow Newgrounder @LuckoDaStars. He’s putting together a Christmas animation and he needs some help with the actual animation process! He’s had some setbacks with his other animators unfortunately having to step down, so that’s why we’re reaching out to you guys! I provide a voice in the animation, and it’s going to be great! We want this bad boy to be released by Christmas so if you’re interested, make sure to reach out to him ASAP!!!! If you’re willing to help, thank you so much!




Posted by VoicesByCorey - December 4th, 2020

Hey there everyone!

As the week is drawing to a close, I just wanted to give a giant THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to listen to the Newgrounds Voice Acting Collaboration! I know an hour and a half audio submission is bit long, but I'm happy to see that the majority of you loved the project and had a lot of positive things to say! The crew and myself are extremely proud of the final piece and are ecstatic with it's success! It wouldn't have been this successful with your love and support! To the NGVAC crew, thank you for giving this project the light of day, giving us your very best in each performance, script and song and being patient throughout this process! You made this experience incredibly enjoyable! Thank you to Tom as well for giving us a spot on the front page and allowing us to entertain all of Newgrounds! A huge thank you also goes to @NickSenny for being my right hand man and helping me wrap up this massive project, you're the man Senny! If you haven't listened to the collab yet, check it out whenever you have the chance!

Now that the first NGVAC is in the books, we're already getting things ready for the 2021 submission! As of right now, we're taking names of those who are interested in joining the next collab. Whether you're interested in voice acting, writing, composing, sound design or even putting some artwork together, feel free to reach out to me and let me know you're interested! Our doors are open! We're really looking for those who have experience in sound design this time around. Nick and I came to a conclusion that more hands helping with sound is a better strategy altogether. So if you have experience in it, and would love to help us out, reach out to either me or Nick and shoot us some examples! I've posted some threads in the forum so check those out as well for more info! We've already brought on some new members and they're extremely talented. I can't wait to get this collab rolling! :D



Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!




Posted by VoicesByCorey - November 30th, 2020

It’s finally here everyone! Months in the making, but well worth the wait! The first ever, Newgrounds Voice Acting Collaboration! :D

This idea was sparked months ago after an animation collaboration dropped on Newgrounds (I cant remember which one, there’s so many! XD) I started to think, “Has there ever been a collaboration for voice actors?” So, after digging into the deepest, darkest, perverted parts of Newgrounds, I found out there hasn’t been a collaboration strictly for voice actors. After this realization, I knew I had to put one together. I posted a thread in the voice acting forums to see if I would get any nibbles. Nothing for a few days, but then my buddy @NickSenny finally reached out and jumped aboard. After that, more and more voice actors wanted to join, writers wanted to help write skits and then we had a few composers write music for our skits. Low and behold, we compiled a solid team of talented individuals and produced 22 skits! This is a HUGE accomplishment for the Newgrounds Voice Acting community and we’re glad everyone will get the chance to enjoy it with us :D

I am so thankful for the crew. If it wasn’t for them, this wouldn’t happen. The voice actors are absolutely tremendous in their performances, music provided by our composers were fantastic and our writers provided content that pulls at every emotion possible! I’m looking forward to working further with this team and I can’t wait for our second iteration! :D

Two special thank you’s need to go out to the grand master Tom Fulp for supporting the collaboration and allowing us a spot on the front page and to my aforementioned buddy Nick Senny for helping me produce this collaboration. Without his help, this collaboration probably would have never finished, and he easily boosted the quality of each skit by 100%. Thank you guys for being awesome and being a part of this :)

if you made it this far in the post, thank you for reading and showing your support in my endeavors and the entire voice acting community. We truly appreciate it and love you guys! Long live NEWGROUNDS!



Posted by VoicesByCorey - October 24th, 2020

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I recently released my submission for the Newgrounds VAC13! It’s called ‘The Session, and it’s a short story I really enjoyed writing and recording. I enjoyed it so much because I’ve had this idea/story floating in my mind for months. Since I thought of the idea, I started to develop an audio drama based on this original concept. The audio drama is going to be more complex and have more twists and turns to boot. Please give this submission a listen and let me know what you genuinely thought about it! There’s a bit of info I had to leave out due to the time restrictions, but that just leaves more info to be revealed in the bigger project. I hope you enjoy the skit and as always, thank you for your support!


Posted by VoicesByCorey - October 14th, 2020

Hey everyone!

The first episode of Aventuamigos is live on Newgrounds! Go check it out and show the episode some love! @ALtoons worked hard on this and it turned out great! I’ll be appearing in Episode 2 as Lufy so stay tuned for that! For now though, go enjoy Episode 1!


Posted by VoicesByCorey - October 12th, 2020

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t seen the news yet, the Voice Acting Contest 13 is live on Newgrounds! The theme for this year is Horror and I wanted to give shout outs to two of my buddies @NickSenny and @JoshDytonVO who’ve put together AMAZING submissions for the contest! Please make sure you go and give their skits a listen, rate them and let them know what you think! They’re awesome skits for sure!


Posted by VoicesByCorey - October 6th, 2020

Hey guys!

If you haven’t seen it yet, the legend, @PsychoGoldfish, put together an animation for the Among Us jam! I was lucky enough to voice in it alongside @Jacob, @Oddlem, and @Holden-Liu! Honestly, this is how most Among Us games go when I play with the crew 😂 Go show this animation some love and support! We appreciate it!