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The Newgrounds Voice Acting Collaboration 2021, Part 2 and future plans!

Posted by VoicesByCorey - November 30th, 2021

Hello Newgrounds!

As you can see from the front page banner art, Part 2 of the '21 NGVAC is FINALLY out! Over a span of six months, we wrote and produced 15 new audio skits for your entertainment! More so, combined with Part 1, we produced a total of 30 audio skits in 2021. I'm incredibly proud of this crew and the accomplishment they've earned! It truly is a feat being able to compile this many skits in an entire year! Go and give Part 2 a listen if you haven't yet!

NGVAC 2021, Part 2

We tried this new approach for 2021, breaking up the collab in two parts, and I feel it has been a true success for our team. Instead of having to deal with a bundle of skits for an entire year, break it up into parts, divert certain skits to each part, and go from there! Part 1 was a great successor to the OG and Part 2 is off to a great start! I think we've nailed our format for years to come!

We try to push ourselves to new limits with each rendition and Part 2 was no exception. We incorporated three new genres for skits in Part 2. We saw our first anime skit, an opera skit and even a skit that focused primarily on being told through an answering machine. So far, those skits are receiving great praise! I love seeing new ideas go off without a hitch!

This crew has been absolutely incredible since Day 1 of production, on both Parts! I've received help like no other from some key people, those being @NickSenny, @JoshDytonVO and @LuckyDee. They helped me manage throughout 2021 and kept this thing afloat. Nick basically ran Part 1 and his efforts literally raised the collab to new expectations! As he stepped back a bit for Part 2, Lucky stepped up to help us manage the day to day necessities of the collab. Even though life kept throwing curveball after curveball to Josh, he still managed to help with production and voiced in numerous skits, proving he's a master of multitasking. You guys are awesome and I'm so thankful that you guys have been by my side for '21!

To my entire crew, new and veteran, you guys stepped it up TREMENDOUSLY this year. Writing was phenomenal, composositions were great and the acting was top notch. I'm so blessed to have a team of such talent! Following up on that, to the new actors who came aboard this year, you guys shined the brightest! I was truly blown away with your skills, deliveries and overall performances! Use this as a platform to grow further! Those who come to mind are @chitstain, @sailorsilverstar, @kenkoiphish and @tommytomtom619! Every actor, you guys are the reason we do this! To give you a platform, and playground, to have fun on and shine as bright as you can!

My writers, composers and producers, you were literally the backbone to this collab, especially in Part 2. For the OG @Fro and myself headed basically every skit, but this year, so many people contributed skits. @Fersto, you mad man, provided an array of skits ranging in various genres. This allowed us to push our acting abilities as far as they could, thank you man! We also had skits written by Chitstain, @jennyglynn, @dannygoodshirt, @hazencruz, @thatjohnnyguy, @seanofartsandvoice, @bro-son, @squidwardtesticles and @zaazng!

A major thanks needs to be given to Zaaz. He stepped up BIG TIME in various ways! He composed numerous tracks, including the opera for 'A Time to Duel,' wrote a skit, voice acted in a few skits and came in clutch on the production side! His help allowed us to stay on track and knock some skits out in a timely manner! I want to thank Chitstain, Hazencruz and Johnny for helping with production as well! All the way to the wire, you guys worked relentlessly to complete the skits on time! I TRULY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP!!!

Again, I'm extremely blessed to work with this crew. What started out as a simple idea, has turned into a staple for the voice acting community of Newgrounds! You guys are the absolute best!

Another special thanks needs to be given to @doctorgrambo for hooking us up with the awesome graphic you see on the front page! Also, @TomFulp, your continued support in this community and collab means a great deal to us all! Thank you for providing a platform for us to grow on and believing in our talents!


Now, for future talk!

With the 2021 officially complete, we're going to take a few weeks off and get right into working on the 2022 collab! If you're a voice actor, writer, composer or sound engineer and want to be a part of the collab, please reach out to me! We'll be clearing house with some members who ended up going MIA, some right after they joined. So we're looking to stock up with members who want to be active and create! For a project like this, we need all hands on deck and at all times! Feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me via DM!

Thank you again for taking the time to listen to Part 2 ans showing your support to our community!



Well, and a big huge thanks to whoever was so awesome and cool and came up with the whole collab idea in the first place right? ;)

Thanks for the shout out man, I'll go even crazier if you don't stop me! Wear my pants on my head and lick concrete! I'll also keep giving my all to write them scripts, you guys deserve beyond the best! Cheers to everyone!

Nah, fuck the guy who came up with the idea XD I want you to go crazier with the amount of scripts you produce! Scripts galore! XD Thank you for all your help in '21, Fersto!

Congratulations on the release!
I would like to help as a VA for the next collab, I don't have a lot of experience but I want to improve and help!

Shoot me some samples of your work!

Any time, sugartits. It's a joy working with you, and the Collab crew are an awesome bunch. <3

It's been an absolute pleasure working with you buddy. Seeing your determination to produce the best product possible assures the notion we made the right choice bringing you on as a manager. Shows how much you care and I love that! Thanks again Lucky :)

It was an absolute pleasure, Corey! Thank you so much for allowing me to come on board! Met some wonderfully talented and awesome folks, and it was overall a phenomenal experience, learned a lot of new things, left the comfort zone many a time, and most importantly, made new friends! Much love to ya! <3

I've been telling everyone this, but we are BLESSED that you came about Zaaz. You're incredibly gifted in your talents and your hard work does not go unnoticed. You're a big reason as to why this came out on time. I've very fortunate to have you as a friend and as a collaborator! Much love buddy!

There really isn't more compliments to give to you that haven't already been said which really really shows how much work you put in any of your work and how great it is to hear from the members that were a part of this how fun and how much pleasure it was to be a part of this yearly project I find very very respectful. And every single year you do this it really makes me appreciate voice acting as a whole but I am not praising only you for helping the NG voice actor community to find its voice (pun intended) of course josh and many others also did a goddamn good ass job. I really really appreciate everyone in the project and i am seriously excited for the new one next year

And your kind words are greatly appreciated HAL0GUY! We try to put out the best content possible, and seeing responses like this makes every minute spent working on it, worth it. I love being able to put a platform together for the NG VAs to thrive on! Thank you for your support!