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Aspiring voice actor looking to help out in animations and games. If you're interested in having me voice in your animation or game send me a message!

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VoicesByCorey's News

Posted by VoicesByCorey - February 15th, 2015

Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I posted on Newgrounds. I thought I'd give the lowdown on my recent projects in the works.

Crysis Mod: I've been working with a talented young lad on a modification for the popular military game Crysis. In this mod, I voice the hot tempered Psycho, a bloke from Britain who has the distint Cockney accent. He's nearly complete with his project and once it's complete, the game should be available for play on Steam. Once it is, I'll provide a link to the missions he produced so you can try it out and see the wonderful work he's put together!

Arma3: I'm really excited about this project right here. The brilliant team of Cerberus Creative has been working on their modification of Arma3 for nearly over a year now. Their project has been part of an ongoing competition put on by the creators of the original game. We just received word that our project has been selected as finalists for the competition and we're beyond excited. If we end up winning the competition it would be tremendous feat for the entire team and our careers! In this mod, I voice the Greek commander Mikhalis Drakon. My chararcter's role is quite large, but passive throughout the series. It isn't until our final mission, which will be released shortly, that I finally have my big performance. Once it is complete, and ready for play on Steam, I will share with you guys the link so you can go check it out!

Negative Energy: This is an animation that I'm excited about! I voice the main charcter Blake in this animation. WIthout sharing too much information and ruining the project, all I will say is Blake is basically a savior in this created world. He is the chosen one and must bring peace back this land. The creator has almost completed the animation and I just need to complete the rest of my lines!

Blue Karma: This is another project that's been in the making for awhile.The talented creator Shaun Stone is creating a point and click adventure game that is based off of his original novel Blue Karma. In this game I voice the lead character Riley who is sent on a dangerous mission in New Vale City. The story is fantastic and the game definitely makes you think. It's a different twist to point and click games! He's a one man team so it may still take some time to complete, but the game is defintely worth the wait from what I've tested so far.

Sonic: The final update is about a Sonic sprite animation that has been in the works for awhile also. In this animation I voice Sonic and Knuckles. All I can reveal about the story is that Sonic is confused for an evil person and is put on trial. Sonic must overcome this difficult sitaution with the help of his friends. I'm really excited for this animation considering I'm a huge Sonic fan!

Well, this is a lot of information I've provided but this is what I've been up to lately! If you're at all interested in some of the voices I've used in these projects just check them out on my audio section of my profile! I just uploaded a sample of Psycho and I have a few recordings of some of the other characters! Thanks guys!

Posted by VoicesByCorey - May 22nd, 2014

Hey everyone! The latest episode of FreaksOUT! is in the portal! Check it out and let me know what you think about my performances as Uriel and Mayor! I must say Episode 2 is done well. Animation is smoother and the audio is cleaner and crisp. There's tons of great jokes, drug usage, plenty of booze and nut kicking haha! Hope you guys enjoy and leave your comments on the video's NG page!



Posted by VoicesByCorey - April 3rd, 2014

Hey everyone! 

The latest project I'm in is available for your viewing eyes! Head to youtube to check it out! 


The series is called Dungeon Tales, a Minecraft based animation that follows the events within a kingdom. It tells the story of King Merick and how his regin begins to unravel as his twin sons fight for power for the position of the throne. I play the chatacters Glaukos and Andraste, Glaukos being a friend to one of the sons and Andraste being the sneaky, evil right hand man to King Merick. His goal is to turn King Merick's sons against him thus allowing the kingdom to fall. 

The first episode is sliced into 10 videos, roughly around 6-8 minutes long, but it's worth the watch! The story is deep, enthralling and keeps you watching! It's thoroughly enjoying and I hope you folks take the time and opportunity to watch this great animation!

Posted by VoicesByCorey - March 2nd, 2014

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say hey and give a heads up on what's going on with some future projects that you can look forward to!

There should be two projects being released soon that I've worked on! One of them is a Minecraft based animation titled Dungeon Tales. It's a really deep, story driven project that will keep you captvated the entire time you watch it! I play the character Andraste in this project. Andraste is a corrupt advisor who trys to turn a king's own sons against him, leading to certain chaos and power struggle. I'll give more details about the project once it's up and ready for viewing!

The second project I'll be featured in is Pixel Pete! It's a pixelated platform game from what I understand and I voice non other than Pete! Pete's family is kidnapped by aliens and it's your job to help him go on a mission and save them from doom! It's a cool game that you guys will definitely enjoy! The game should be uploaded on NG's so look for it upon it's release!

FreaksOut! Episode 2 has been written and is in the works right now as well! I'm back to voice the characters of Mayor Chill and Uriel, who is in a good portion of episode 2! Look forward to that because the script is funny! 

I also picked up a role on a brand new point and click game titled Blue Karma! I'll be voicing the main character RIley Marshall. It's a crime drama based point and click that looks, and sounds pretty damn amazing and I'm really excited to be a part of it! When more info comes up about Blue Karma I'll let you know!

Hope you're all having a good weekend!


Posted by VoicesByCorey - February 16th, 2014

Hey everyone! Go check out the latest animation I'm in! It's a little Valentine's Day based cartoon where my character, Xero, get's harrassed by Sommy for having a crush on a friend! Guaranteed laughs with this little animation! Go support Sommy's work by watching it, rating it with a 5, and leave her some comments! Here's a link to the video:


Also, here's a link to Sommy's page: 


Go watch her other videos, become a fan of hers, and listen to her performance in FreaksOUT! Episode 1!


THanks guys! Hope you enjoy!


Posted by VoicesByCorey - February 9th, 2014

Go listen to, and enjoy, the new audio drama that I participated in! The audio drama is called King's Drive and was created by Seth Bramwell. I perform the role of Damon Smithee!

Meet Cheryl King, world famous pop star who rose to fame after winning first place in a national competition. Currently touring the east coast and hating to fly, Ms. King's driver takes her everywhere. But when he falls ill, a new driver steps in to take his place...

Here's the link to the audio play:


If you liked the product Seth Bramwell put together, head to his website, and listen to more audio plays produced by him! Here is the link: 


Posted by VoicesByCorey - February 5th, 2014

Hey everyone, go check out the brand new animation I'm featured in! The animation was creatd by Martin Felice Rillon and it's titled Rigby Does Salvia. I play the voice of Butthead in the animation! The link to the animation is below, hope you guys enjoy it!



Posted by VoicesByCorey - February 2nd, 2014

Hey everyone! Check out the first animation that includes my voice over work! It's the first episode of a brand new series titled Freaks Out! I voice the characters Uriel and Mayor Chill. Hopefully you guys like it and leave comments below to let me know what you think!


Posted by VoicesByCorey - November 26th, 2013

Hey there, the name is Corey and I'm looking to get some experience in the voice acting world. I'm willing to help out anyone with voice over work on animations, or games. I have a unique voice that can match any type of voice you would like me to perform. I'm not looking for cash, just experience that I can use when applying for other positions. If you're willing to help me out, I'm always willing to help you out. Send me a message directly at clevi422@aol.com, or clevi422@gmail.com if you want me to help in your work. Thanks!